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  • Nissan Unveils Esflow Electric Sports Car at Geneva Motor Show

    After showing computer-aided images of its Esflow electric sports car concept last month, Nissan Motor Co. unveiled the car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Esflow recalls the company’s long-running Z two-seater, but the car maker says the Esflow is a pure electric car that isn’t based on an existing gasoline-powered model.

    The concept uses existing technology, though, including a lot drawn from Nissan’s Leaf electric sedan that went on sale late last year. As a result it could be fairly easy for Nissan to move the Esflow into production. Nissan has long said its electric-car strategy stretches far beyond the Leaf, so the promise of an electric performance car in showrooms seems strong.

    Nissan says the Esflow’s two electric motors driving the rear wheels can propel the car from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than five seconds. Such acceleration puts it in the company of Ferraris and Porsches.

    Range could be a selling point for the Esflow if it ever makes it to retail customers. Nissan says it can travel about 150 miles on a charge – nearly double the range of current electric models. For driving enthusiasts the concept car suggests one won’t necessarily have to give up the engaging experience of fast, sharp-handling cars when switching to electric power.

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